Exemplary service is our brand.  With our quality service, we will grow together.

Our service has grown through the years to become a quality-focused organization. 

As a family owned and operated business, you can expect the best, most personalized service from us:


  • No Charge for Set Up

  • 24 Hour Live Agent Answering

  • Customized Message Templates

  • Local Numbers for Call Forwarding or Direct Use

  • Multiple Delivery Options

  • Multilingual Agents

  • Personalized Hold Recordings



Special Interest Answering has an infrastructure and back up systems in place to handle almost any disaster. We enjoy the comfort of a second set of phone lines that come in from a second carrier. Secondary email carrier, second text carrier, battery back up system, structure wide generator, back up generator and stations throughout the nation so that if conditions locally are not good, we have sources outside the affected area to bring operators online for your calls.


Medical Answering

Special Interest Answering started over 30 years ago specializing in Medical Answering. Your patients and vendors are fully protected with Special Interest. We understand that the Medical industry needs certain criteria followed and we are up to the task. Your account is fully protected and one hundred percent HIPPA certified through our secure server. You can even use our secure web server to contact other personnel in your office or other physicians outside your office under the same umbrella of protection.