Why Go Local?

We live in a global market. Why go local?

We live in a global market. Why go local?

Why go local with your answering service?

The answering service industry is currently going through a big shift in how business is done. It is a seller’s market, so many services are packing up and selling. In classic fashion, large companies are getting larger, and small and medium businesses are disappearing. Why stay in the answering service business?

One word: Specialization.

Creating niche markets to service specific needs is no new concept. Look at Ikea and Apple, who marketed to 3-5% of the market and became the leaders of their industries.

Niche markets represent quality in a specific area. Large companies focus on volume of clients, where a leaner more agile company, such as Special Interest Answering Service, focuses on quality of clients.

When a large answering service acquires a smaller one, the focus becomes the lowest common denominator. The specific technical knowledge required by a representative may go from 10 industries to 60-100 different industries. This means generic bland reception for your customers.

The quality you can come to expect with a smaller service comes from the fact that we are agile enough to conform to a specific business. This client becomes part of our staff’s daily vocabulary. We easily integrate and adapt to new industries. Large lumbering services please the lowest common denominator and therefore create vague scripts with little in-depth knowledge reflected by the representative.

When you use a local service, expect personalized, quality results. When you use a national service, expect generic, sub optimal results.


Bill Jarvis