6 Reasons a Service Will Make You a Better Leader

Being involved with an answering service has opened my eyes to the true value we provide for small and medium business leaders and their communities.

I guarantee that we will empower you.

1. 24/7 Availability:

How do you balance being available and having a life?  It seems impossible sometimes. As leaders, we must inspire and empower our teams, and prioritizing ourselves can be a challenge. Relationships with family and friends can be strained by the demands of a business, but is it really necessary?

I will explain how to make your business work for you and the ways an answering service could be your saving grace, saving you time to invest in yourself and your team.

24/7 Availability is almost expected now with the ability to connect anywhere. Being sent to your voicemail is a sure fire way for your prospects to move on (maybe it’s just me). The voicemail abandonment rate is 50-75%, according to CRM.  That means that more than half of prospects will move on before speaking to a representative of your company. I will spare you the estimate of lost revenue due to this fact.

2. Focus on the high-impact items:

Make time to do the front-line work of your organization and stay in touch, but you must also seize the business opportunities and system improvements that could grow your business exponentially.

Get the best ROI out of your time. Craft a business worth growing and investing in. Let the service take care of appointments and orders so you can get back to work. Getting caught in the fire fighting of the everyday can drain even the most energetic leaders.  Entrust and empower your business. Let the service handle the calls and keep your customers happy.

3. Make time for yourself

When you’re on vacation, be on vacation.  When you are having dinner or spending quality time with your family, get off the phone and be present.  Checking emails and taking calls has invaded our personal lives.  Make sure you’re set up for success in your personal life as well as your business.

Take time to stop and think. Our best ideas come to us in a relaxed state. As humans, our brains become naturally fixated on ineffective solutions when we do not allow ourselves time to think. Give yourself this time and disconnect. Relax and come up with your next big idea.

The answering service will give you this relief and the ability to really focus. We got this, and we’ll let you know if anything important comes in.

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4. Get the office reception without the price tag

This one is a no-brainer.  If you are independent or run a small to mid-size organization, reception is a key factor in building confidence in your organization.  Immediately picking up that call after the first ring will solidify your customers’ perception of your business.

No one would expect a small business or independent contractor to be able to achieve this standard. With an answering service, you absolutely can achieve it. Having a receptionist may not be cost effective. After factoring in wages, benefits, income tax, etc., having a full-time receptionist can be cost prohibitive. Get an answering service and get the professional image your business deserves

5. Make time for your employees

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” – Richard Branson

Nothing demotivates a team more than the sneaking suspicion that their leader does not consider them important. Giving that extra 5 minutes to your team will repay itself exponentially. The team knows they can trust their leader and will give that 110% every time.  A service will provide that extra one-on-one time with your team so you can really grow. Taking care of the people at your business will take care of your customers. This means coaching, checking in, and selling the long-term business strategy to your team. We all owe our team more time and TLC.  We will give you that time.


6. A.B.C. (Always Be Closing)

Of course, to stay in business, you have to do business! To get more sales, estimates, and prospects, you must be able to adapt to an ever changing landscape of business. Modern technology allows an answering service the flexibility to:   

  • Book appointments and update your calendar after speaking to a customer.

  • Schedule estimates and book inbound prospective customers.

  • Place customer orders.

  • Text/email/patch your messages directly to your smart phone.

  • Correspond by text.

Enjoy your personal time AND grow your business.

Yes, I said it here.  You can have your cake and eat it too.

Bill Jarvis

Special Interest Answering Service